Form completion

The following notes are provided to explain how to complete the event entry form.


A brief title for your event. Do not include the date or venue


A short description of the event. You can include images but these should be resized to suit before uploading. Images should probably not exceed 250 pixels width.

It is best not to copy and paste the description from MS Word, as this will add unwanted styling and affect the appearance of the text. As the description should be relatively short it is easily typed directly.

To add an image, click 'Add media' above the editing box and continue to upload the image before selecting it to insert into the page.

Time and Date

Recurring entry input imageSetting the date is quite straightforward, most events will probably be one-day so the start and end dates will be the same.

If the event is recurring (monthly, quarterly, etc.) this is best set up by selecting 'custom'. The information about the recurrance can then be entered similar to that shown here.


A number of event locations are already available from the drop-down list. If your venue is not listed it can be added and will then appear in the list in future.


A number of organisers are already listed but new organiser details can be added if necessary.


If you have website for your event or organisation the link can be added here.


You can include the cost of your event here. If there is no cost, either enter 0 or leave the field blank and the cost will not be displayed.

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